Your idea envisioned

Inspiration, Market Research & SOA Review

We start with market research including a State of the Art review. We do an intensive study of existing products making specific note of their strengths and weaknesses. We learn about your target market to assure their needs are met. We examine materials that would be beneficial in their application, both in design and manufacturing. Once that research is completed, we further develop the concept and initiate ideation—the preliminary sketches of what your idea might look like.

1. The Concept

An idea for a new invention is intangible—it has value only to the person who has it. A concept is an idea developed into the first realistic, visual display of that product’s characteristics. Creating a concept is Phase 1 of SurfaceID’s industrial design approach.

2. Detailed Design Development

In this phase, we modify and improve the sketches that were born in Phase 1. SurfaceID builds on your concept using a specialized style of dynamic creativity to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality, improved user friendliness, enhanced serviceability, increased marketability and foolproof manufacturing using the latest engineering techniques.

Our focus is to improve your product while helping to reduce your costs. SurfaceID digs deep to discover the sometimes elusive relationship between the concept and the product, the product’s relationship with the end user and the product’s ability to be efficiently and cost effectively manufactured. Our extensive engineering expertise assures that we go beyond the look of a product; we understand how the product should work and what is needed in the design to make sure it does.