Electronic Engineering.

Optimizing your product for peak performance with the latest tech.

At SurfaceID, electronics are not an afterthought. Integrating electronic elements (including custom PCBs, screens, rechargeable batteries, sensors, etc) requires special attention, to ensure that all the components within your product work together seamlessly.
Our electronic engineers work closely in a feedback loop with human factors, user-experience, industrial designers, and mechanical engineers to optimize the usability and functionality of the internal elements without impacting the final design of the product.

Custom Hardware and Firmware.

Our services include the design, development and manufacturing of custom electrical components, as well as the development of necessary firmware tailored to the needs of each product.
Whether you need to incorporate analog or digital elements, our engineers have you covered.

Streamline the Development Process.

We use proven research methods such as ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, case observations, user interviews, and user journeys, to uncover challenges early on, mitigate risk, streamline the development process, and ultimately create a product that excels as an industry leader.