Industrial design montreal

Industrial Design Montreal

Manufacture & Logistics.

Connect with our extensive network of manufacturers.

Finding the right manufacturer can be a daunting task, especially with prices constantly fluctuating in international markets. At SurfaceID we offer tailored advice based on your specific requirements to ensure that you receive the service which best fulfills your needs.
Given our years of experience bringing products to the market, we have grown an extensive network of trustworthy manufacturers, both onshore and offshore. Our ongoing relationship with these manufacturers ensures reliable and quality production while keeping prices low for you.

As quick as possible, as cheap as possible with the utmost care.

From our first sketch, our designers and engineers have Design for Manufacture (DFM) in mind.
This ensures that we keep the manufacturing process as simple as possible and keep production costs low, without damaging the aesthetics and functionality of the final product.

We’re here to bring your product to life.

We believe in transparency, and collaborate with you from conception to commercialization. Once the final design and materials have been selected, we work with you to determine which of our manufacturers best meets your needs, analyzing important details such as the estimated pricing, timeline, tooling, and shipping.