Human Factors & User Experience.

Prioritizing safety and user satisfaction.

SurfaceID follows an iterative, user-centric design process to identify user insights, usage pain points, and to identify risks associated with product use early on in the design process. We do so by following a systematic approach incorporating human factors, ergonomics and principles of user experience (UX) throughout our design process.
Human Factors and User Experience are essential during product development. These methodologies prioritize safety, user satisfaction and ensure that a product is informed by human-centered decisions.

Creating intuitive products.

Simply put, human factors involves creating a product or environment that functions in a way that seems natural to people.
Therefore, engaging with users at the beginning of the development process is essential for developing successful products. SurfaceID focuses heavily on user research and follows a systematic approach to test concepts from conception to completion.
Human factors is the scientific study of human physical capabilities and limitations

User experience focuses on identifying the physical, emotional and behavioral interactions with a product.

These methodologies provide essential insights for designing products which are useful, usable, desirable and safe for end users.

We conduct formative usability testing early on in the design process to identify potential issues within the design product and HF validity testing to test market ready devices in their intended environments. Throughout the design process, these pinpoint weaknesses, discomfort, user needs, challenges and constraints, and ensure an intuitive and safe final product.