Research & Strategy.

Discovering your users’ unmet needs.

At SurfaceID, we specialize in discovering unfulfilled needs and innovating solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of your users and your market. Our projects often begin with a meticulous research phase, ensuring that we have a deep understanding of your users and their contexts.

We immerse ourselves into your company’s industry in order to understand your unique perspective through a user’s point of view.

Recognize potential blind-spots early on.

Through various qualitative and quantitative techniques, we observe how your future users operate, often identifying their unmet needs, unvoiced desires, and potential pain points.

This empathetic data collection guides our phases of development, helping us to avoid blind-spots that could result in undesirable or unpredictable outcomes

Streamline the Development Process.

We use proven research methods such as ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, case observations, user interviews, and user journeys, to uncover challenges early on, mitigate risk, streamline the development process, and ultimately create a product that excels as an industry leader.