Mechanical Engineering

Making your product a reality

Preliminary 3D Development

In this phase, we augment the original sketches of your product and construct them in 3D. During this phase, your product will be drawn to scale and can be easily manipulated and proportioned in real-time, to your specifications. Here, we add further details like preliminary button placement and shape, surface textures, and colors. We also give the product depth for an improved understanding of its physical characteristics. This is a mission of discovery, so we create several versions of your product in 3D with modifications to each. That way, you can see how different solutions can influence the final product and therefore, your sales. You benefit because, at the end of the day, there is no guesswork about how the product will look on the shelf.

Advanced Engineering

During the engineering phase, we construct an adjustable 3D model, with which you can easily see the product from every angle in real-time, both outside and inside. Combined with mechanical engineering, this phase allows SurfaceID to design how the product will fit together to further enhance its functionality and reduce its manufacturing costs.

It is also during this phase that we apply Finite Element Analysis (FEA). There is an old saying: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” With FEA, SurfaceID analyzes every aspect of your product to ensure it will be the best product for the best price, and that there is no weak link. We check for material strength including longevity, material compatibility, and wear on any moving parts. The quality of your product is assured by SurfaceID’s integrity.