Industrial Design

Your idea envisioned

The Concept

An idea for a new invention is intangible—it has value only to the person who has it. A concept is an idea developed into the first realistic, visual display of that product’s characteristics. At SurfaceID, we excel at taking your brilliant idea and transforming it into a range of compelling concepts. Through a collaborative process, we iterate on these concepts, working closely with you to ensure that the final result truly captures the essence of your original vision. Our team is dedicated to uncovering the concept that best aligns with the idea in your head, bringing it to life in a way that surpasses your expectations.

Detailed Design Development

In the development phase, we modify and improve the sketches that were born in the concept stage. SurfaceID builds on your concept using a specialized style of dynamic creativity to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality, improved user-friendliness, enhanced serviceability, increased marketability, and foolproof manufacturing using the latest engineering techniques.

Our focus is to improve your product while helping to reduce your costs. SurfaceID digs deep to discover the sometimes elusive relationship between the concept and the product, the product’s relationship with the end user and the product’s ability to be efficiently and cost-effectively manufactured. Our extensive engineering expertise assures that we go beyond the look of a product; we understand how the product should work and what is needed in the design to make sure it does.