The Basics: What is industrial design?

Industrial design is a process used to create products that will be manufactured through mass production. The main feature of industrial design is that the design process is separate from the manufacturing process. This means that all of a product’s features are designed in advance, prior to the physical production. An industrial designer or product design team is responsible for creating and executing design solutions. These solutions take into consideration a product’s form, function, ergonomics, marketing, branding, sales and usability.

Where to begin?

Below is an outline of our industrial design process at SurfaceID. This outline will give you some insight on how to get a product manufactured:

Market Research and SOA Review

The process begins with an intensive study of existing products. We make note of their strengths and weaknesses and learn about your target market. It is important that the consumer’s needs are met. It is at this stage that preliminary sketches of what your product may look like are done.

The Concept

A concept is an idea that has been developed into a visual display, showing its characteristics and unique physical qualities.

Detailed Design Development

At this stage we modify and improve our original sketches. This is to ensure aesthetic integrity, ergonomics, dependable materials, smooth functionality, user friendliness, serviceability and marketability. It’s also to foolproof manufacturing using the latest techniques. We aim to both improve your product and reduce your costs.

Preliminary 3D Development

We take the original sketches of your product and construct them in 3D. The 3D drawing of your product will be made to scale, meaning it can easily be manipulated to suit your needs and ideas. Several versions of the product will be drawn with slight modifications to ensure that we create the best product possible.

Advanced Engineering

Now it is time to take the 3D model of your choice and make it into an adjustable 3D model. You will be able to view the product from all angles, inside and out.

Physical Prototyping Services

At this stage we create a physical model of your product. The method of prototype creation best for you will depend on your product and budget. We have highly skilled manufacturers who provide affordable prototyping using all three methods: CNA, SLA, and SLS. We guarantee the best prices in the industry.

Overseas Sourcing

Sourcing overseas is crucial for cost-effectiveness. It can be often be difficult to find a company close by and searching for a manufacturer worldwide can be a little intimidating. At SurfaceID we have connections! We can hook you up with companies who specialize in injection molding, thermoforming, die casting, investment casting, and sand casting in China. Whatever your needs, our team has got your back.

Streamlined Manufacturing Support

Our involvement doesn’t stop once we have found the best manufacturer for you and your product. SurfaceID continues to oversee the manufacturing of your product to ensure that everything gets completed quickly and correctly. You can count on us to keep everything in order throughout the entire design and production process.

Importing and Customs Support

Finally, we bring your product to you with none of the stress involved when having to import on your own! We have great experience dealing with both local and foreign manufacturers, especially in China. We will oversee every aspect of your product’s shipping from portal to portal, including customs brokerage.

What do we have to offer that others don’t?

At SurfaceID, we have a team of experts who are thoroughly trained in their field. We have years of experience working with numerous clients and manufacturers and have streamlined the design process. We are passionate about creating a product that perfectly suits your needs and will work with you every step of the way. Feel free to Give us a call if you need assistance in getting a product manufactured.