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Complex Sheet Metal Design and Fabrication
Scale Prototypes
Injection Molding Expertise
Custom Electronic Prototypes
Sand Casting
Custom PCB & PCBA Design
Die Casting
Outdoor signage / Firesafe Enclosures
Precise Scientific Instruments
3D Printed Test Equipment
Quality Control Instruments
3d Printed Mixer
Silicone Polydome Keyboard
Multi-Material 3d Printing
Plastic Injection Molding
Surface Finishing
Die-Casting Samples
Materials and Finishing
Candybar Phones
CNC Prototype
Design Variations
Polyeurethane Casting
In-mold Decorating
Advanced Prototyping Appearance Models
Sheet Metal
Vacuum Casting Master
Polyurethane Molding
Material Finish
Paint Study
Foam Modelling
Vinyl Sticker Application
Powder Coating
LCD or Eink Public Display Design
Twin Sheet Thermoforming
Component Design
Surface Detailing
SurfaceID 3D printer and part with creality logo
High-Speed 3D Printing
In-Mold Decorating
Mobile Computing Devices
Polydome Keypad
Large Sheet Metal Production
Motorola Phone Development
Vacuum Cast Samples
Phone and Charger
electrical engineering
Ergonomics Studies