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Industrial Design Montreal

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Complex Sheet Metal Design and fabrication
Scale 3d printed Prototypes
Injection Molding Expertise
Custom Electronic Prototypes
Sand Casting Expertise
Custom PCB & PCBA Design
Die Casting Expertise
Outdoor signage / Firesafe Enclosures and LCD or Eink public display design
Precise Scientifc Instrument
3d Printed Pieces Green and Black 02
3d Printed Pieces Mega
3d Printed Red with Blue Pipe Piece
Keypads Messy Arrangement 3
Phones Messy Arrangement 2
Die Casting Expertise
Case To Phone
Cases and Phones Line Up 2
CnC Odd Shape 02
Janams In Line
Metal Sheets Double 01
Motorolla Prototype 2
Orange Mold + Squeeki 1
Phone and Station 1
Scientific Instrument Design & Development