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Tstand – iPad holder for bed

The Tstand is an innovative product that is owned and developed 100% by SurfaceID. As such, SurfaceID undertook a thorough, comprehensive research process to understand and tackle the fatigue and physical ailments caused by the prolonged use of an iPad or any other tablet (especially in bed). After hundreds of sketches, hours of mechanical engineering and dozens of prototypes, the Tstand was created and its health benefits have been widely recognized and validated by end users and medical professionals! Avid iPad junkies are thrilled about the Tstand. Its use on a bed or a couch allows for total relaxation of the neck and the arms when using an iPad or tablet computer, and many have adopted the Tstand for its recreational purpose as well as for the preventive/curative nature of such a flexible support. Additionally, the innovative nature of the Tstand makes it a totally reversible mount, transforming your tablet into a genuine working or gaming station. It is a real leap that totally changes the iPad from being a ‘hard to hold’ device.