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SurfaceID is your connection to design, technology and worldwide manufacturing. We are in the service of creation, where innovation and transparency lead the path to a perfect execution. As such, we have worked with some of the smartest, most thriving companies in the world. Trust your ideas to SurfaceID, even the small ones, as they could deliver the biggest results.

We develop products, all the way through.


Our State of the Art review will assure that your target market’s needs are met. Our focus is to improve your idea while helping to reduce the costs of your product.


By turning the 3D solution you choose into an adjustable and functional model, you’ll be able to analyse the quality of your product from every angle, even from the inside.


Our worldwide connections will find you the right manufacturer and importer to ensure the job is done right and done fast, at the cheapest possible price.

Choosing a Manufacturing Process For a New Product

Before allocating any time and effort into creating your first 3D model for a new product, a manufacturing process should first be selected. This post outlines the many factors that should be considered when choosing the right process, such as costs, process capabilities, product aesthetics and more. read more

5 Brainstorming Tips For a Productive Session

When carried out effectively, brainstorming fosters innovative thinking and builds team cohesiveness. At SurfaceID, our industrial design team brainstorms around the whiteboard every Friday. Here are five brainstorming techniques that have proven to be successful for our design team. read more

Product Prototyping: Types of Prototypes

There are several types of prototypes, including; breadboard prototypes, sketch models, appearance models, 3D prints and CNC prototypes. Knowing when to make each one primarily depends on where you are in the product development process. read more

Surface Finishing: Awesome Decorating Techniques

Color, texture, and protective qualities are a few factors typically considered when choosing the optimal surface finish for a product. However, if you wish to add some extra perks to your product's outer shell, here are some excellent surface finishing decorating techniques. read more

When, Why and How to Create a Prototype?

Think you're ready to create your first prototype? Based on years of expertise, this post outlines the importance of creating a prototype, at what stage in product development you should create your first prototype and what method should be utilized to create the prototype in question. read more

How to Get a New Product Manufactured?

There are many factors involved in getting a new product manufactured. Detailed design development, 3D development, prototyping and advanced engineering are a few critical components in the process that should be completed before entering the manufacturing phase. Our design process at SurfaceID helps illustrate these components. read more

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