Montreal industrial design firm SurfaceID is your connection to design, technology and worldwide manufacturing. We are in the service of creation, where innovation and transparency lead the path to a perfect execution. As such, we have worked with some of the smartest, most thriving companies in the world. Trust your ideas to SurfaceID, even the small ones, as they could deliver the biggest results.

We develop products, all the way through.


Our State of the Art review will assure that your target market’s needs are met. Our focus is to improve your idea while helping to reduce the costs of your product.


By turning the 3D solution you choose into an adjustable and functional model, you’ll be able to analyse the quality of your product from every angle, even from the inside.


Our worldwide connections will find you the right manufacturer and importer to ensure the job is done right and done fast, at the cheapest possible price.

Manufacturing Processes

You’ve made the prototypes, now it’s time to take the next step. When it comes to manufacturing your product, SurfaceID has long standing relationships with manufacturing experts both in Canada and abroad. We work closely with these suppliers to ensure...

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Prototype Types

When to prototype As discussed in our previous blog, prototypes are key to consistently delivering great product design. By taking ideas from the page into the real world, prototypes inspire better design solutions. They also save time and money by revealing design...

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Freaking awesome surface finishes

In industrial design, when manufacturing plastic and metal parts, standard finishes such as textured molds and powder coating can do a good job of protecting and colouring parts. But here are a few decorating techniques that will really kick it up a notch. In Mold...

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When, why and how to create a prototype?

When should you create your first prototype? Afters rounds and rounds of brainstorming, you’ve finally come up with a product idea or invention that is worthy of moving from the idea phase to conception. This means you’ve gone through the lengthy screening...

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How to get a new product manufactured?

The basics: what is Industrial Design? Industrial design is a process used to create products that will be manufactured through mass production. The main feature of industrial design is that the design process is separate from the manufacturing process. This means...

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